First trip to Israel & Jordan

We are going on our first trip to Israel with Tauck on Oct. 27th. I was wondering about what clothes to pack. Can my husband wear shorts? Do I need a skirt? Will it be warm enough for bathing suits in Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jordan? Also, any recommendations for dinners on nights we are on our own. I appreciate any suggestions.

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  • We went in May so I really can't speak to the weather when you go. Tauck lists the following average temps for that time of the year:
    From September through November, temperatures in Tel Aviv range from 61-75 °F (16-24 °C). Jerusalem and the Golan Heights are approximately 5.5 °F (3 °C) colder, and Eilat is usually 5.5 °F (3 °C) warmer.
    You can check other sites as well.
    You will not "need" a skirt, but feel free to wear one if you wish.
    This trip was VERY casual. Dress for comfort. Make sure you have comfortable shoes as you will be doing a LOT of walking.
    It is fine for your husband to wear shorts if it is warm enough. Your Tauck director will let you know when you visit any places where certain types of attire is required (ie : covered shoulders, covered heads, covered knees, etc).
    The only time we wore bathing suits (or had time to) was at the Dead Sea.
    I have emailed you a document with some restaurant recommendations, etc. Most of the meals on our own were eaten right at the resorts so it was just a matter of looking at the menus there and choosing what we wanted.
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