Packing for Grand Alaska trip

Looking for information from folks who took trips in past year or this year....I am departing early July. I read the packing guidelines already posted...but want the inside scoop from prior travelers. I am an experienced traveler, but this is my first cruise and my first trip to Alaska. Since I am not sure of the terrain and conditions, will comfy sneakers be fine for day excursions..both on the land and cruise portions of the trip? How "formal" are the dinners on the ship..don't want to pack anything dressier than a nice pair of khakis for me and a nice shirt. Will that suffice? Does my husband need to pack a blazer for the ship? a tie? My basic plan is to pack jeans, long and short sleeve shirts to layer, a fleece or two, a lightweight sweater or two for layering and a windbreaker. For my feet, just my sneakers, comfy sandals, and low heeled shoes for dinner. Should I also pack a pair or two of capri pants for daytime? Any tips...or comments about what you wish you had packed or what you packed and didn't need?

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