Advisability of going solo?

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the prospects of doing Egypt and Jordan alone? I really don't want to wait to take that trip until I'm older and in physically worse condition than I already am, since it seems kind of strenuous, but on the other hand, no one I know wants to go, because they're afraid to die. Is it dicey to go by yourself? I wouldn't usually mind going anywhere by myself, but without knowing that much about the situation there, it's hard to know if it's advisable to have someone around to notice if you go missing or something. Thanks for any info!


  • I did this Tauck tour solo & it was fabulous. You will make friends with your tourmates quickly & I guarantee won't spend time alone unless you make that choice.
  • We had several singles on a tour to Israel and Jordan. They always were with other people. Taking a Tauck tour is the best way to enjoy the region and not feel afraid at all. Enjoy.
  • Cool--thanks! Seeing the pyramids is definitely on the bucket list.
  • A friend we met on our Israel/Jordan trip has taken 17 Tauck tours solo -- including Egypt. You have gotten great advice on this board. Go -- and have a great time!!!
  • I went on the same trip you are thinking about going---alone. Think nothing about it. Once you get to the airport in Egypt, Tauck will be there to meet you and take good care of you. No worries. The trip from that day on, will be nothing but pleasure. You will meet new friends and all will take care of you. Trust your instict. You will not go wrong. I am 70 years old and next week I will be going to China ALONE. I have gone to Africa (twice), Russia, and Egypt/Jordan ALONE. My husband is afraid of flying (since 9/11), so I wave goodby and go!!!! His lost. Don't let anyone stop you...Next year I will be going to India ALONE. Then I will begin South America. MLBH
  • We just returned from this itinerary on Saturday. We had an amazing 87 year old lady on the trip traveling alone. And during the previous two weeks in Tanznaia and Kenya, we had another 80 year old alone. Tauck travelers are GOOD PEOPLE, and we all take care of each other.
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