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  • Grand European leaving Amsterdam July 31 and ending in Bucharest. Have booked extra day in Bucharest; however, cruise critic boards have negative comments about Bucharest. Would appreciate any other views.
  • Hi,
    We are on the Treasures right after you dock in Bucharest. Don't worry about spending your extra day there. I am sure the Marriott concierge will be able to either get a guide for you or tell you about some interesting museums to visit. Tauck will be taking you to the airport the next day and wouldn't leave you there if there was a problem due to your safety. We are off to our 18th Tauck tour this month. Have a great river cruise. The sights are amazing!

  • Thanks for your reply. We have traveled with Tauck before. We are not particulary concerned about safety in Bucharest; however, trying to determine if the extra time is worth the additional expense. As you know, this trip departs from Amsterdam. We will be arriving two days early. Since we have previously been in Amsterdam and have been to most of the tourist areas, museums, etc. , we are thinking about a day trip from Amsterdam to Brussels and back on a Eurorail train. Again, trying to determine if the expense is justified for one day's visit.

    Thanks again for your reply.
  • I saw your post on Cruise Critic. I wouldn't stay over in Bucharest another day. Go to Delft as Bill posted. It's a short train ride and a lovely town.

  • This travel board must be a well kept secret. It is "lonely" here; do not Tauck travelers use this forum?
  • It used to be very active and then someone in Corporate changed it TWICE!! Most people use Tauck's Facebook page.

  • This has to be the least frequented travel chat forum on the internet. Am I the only one going on the Grand European River trip? Even the chat board on Cruise Critic rarely has a Tauck participant. Maybe, those of us who travel with Tauck are supposed to be more resserved and less vocal.
  • The organisation of the Forum is certainly not very intuitive! Or even logical, sometimes. I've found that if you are looking for information, the best strategy is to go to the most general concept of the topic you are looking at. For example .... this thread.
    Start with Central and eastern Europe, then check through all the sub-threads and check for the most recent posts, even though the topic might not be spot on. Think around your topic. You might find what you need under Amsterdam to Budapest, or visa versa.... or Budapest to Bucharest. I know, not very logical. Some threads just wither on the vine. It's more of a case of seeing where the conversation is going, twists and all, and then making your best way forward.

    If you are posting a question, try and post it to a thread that is at least current and is correctly labelled. If you want info on Italy, don't post it on the Australian thread! Try to label a new thread specifically.

    It is a hunt and peck world. Best advice, start out with a general concept, then narrow your search.

    I think many people were discouraged with the "facelift" the forums have had, particularly with the loss of the older posts...or archives. If nothing else, the archives provided a structure ... a backbone, if you will. At best, they held a wealth of information. It does look as if they are well and truly gone now, though. I guess we just have to help each other along as best we can. I am always very grateful for all the generous information posted, which is why I try to help with an answer where ever I can.

    I don't do FB. I'm sure there are many others with a similar aversion!

    At least we're talking, Zlato and Shelia!

  • Thanks for the advice. I, too, do not choose to use FB, Twitter, or any of the social networks; however, if I did not know that the Grand European was sold out, I might be concerned that no one responds to the roll call for this trip on Cruise Critic Chat Board, in addition to this forum (roll call). I shower daily, am kind to my wife, and do not beat my dog (if I had a dog)----I was beginning to think it was me wandering through the Tauck Forum wilderness in search of relevant information which was discouraging others to respond!
  • Zlato wrote:
    I shower daily, am kind to my wife, and do not beat my dog (if I had a dog)----I was beginning to think it was me wandering through the Tauck Forum wilderness in search of relevant information which was discouraging others to respond!
    I am sooooo glad to hear that you are kind to your wife and don't beat your imaginary dog. You sound like a perfect fellow passenger! Take a bow, Slato!


  • Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for the feedback. I started working at Tauck a couple months ago and one of my responsiblites is to manage and grow the forums.

    Rebuilding the forums after they got rid of the old forums has proven to be a challenge. I am open to any and all feed in regards to the Forums, I am looking for new ways that would make it easier for people to use the forums.

    Please feel free to reach out to me.


  • Hi Emily,

    Welcome to Tauck's frustrating Travel Forum! I know you are trying to help, but whoever at Tauck that approved this type of Forum should have checked out Cruise Critic where I always post. It is user friendly and has almost 700,000 people posting there. I know you will keep trying to help guide people on this Forum as I do on Tauck's Facebook page to direct them here.

  • Question: What were the problems with the old forum? From what I have been reading, the newer forum is less user friendly. Logging in can be a challenge and not consistent. Sometimes I am automatically logged in when I enter the Tauck web site and at other times, I am welcomed as a "guest". When identified as a "guest", I log out and then the screen asks me to log in with email address and password. Upon completion of this procedure, I am automatically logged in for many days until I am again identified as a "guest". Guest, Member, Guest, Member, Guest, Member
    what am I? Obviously, I am confused!
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