phone and internet

I am wondering if anyone has given any thought to temporary international plans for cell phone service? Is it even worth it? Not sure what reception would be like once afloat. And is WiFi reliable or should I just leave my computer at home? It would be nice for downloading pictures, so maybe its worth bringing anyway?


  • I think I read that there was a computer room on the ship available for a fee. see below:

    Le Boreal/L'Austral - Internet access via satellite is available on board for a fee, but please note that it is very intermittent. There are 3 computers in the Observatory Lounge on deck 6 and Wi-Fi is available throughout the ship.

    I was wondering the same thing...i have an ipad and wanted to bring that and use it with the wifi. I am assuming there is fee to use your own device as well. I was told by the apple people when i bought it that I can get a local sim card when I get there and it will be cheaper than paying the roaming charges. I have no idea about that stuff. I am going to go to the apple store again and see if its something i can get before i go. I dont want to spend the first day searching for a computer store and have to explain what I need when i dont really understand it either.

    As for cell phone, I think that will depend on your carrier. I have sprint and when we went to Grand Cayman last year I told them i was going there and they hooked me up with international for the week we were gone. I am hoping to do the same this time.
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