Jewels of the Nile

My husband and I will be taking the October 20th 2011. Trip.

Which we are very much looking forward to, as our March trip was cancelled

We will be arriving two days early, any suggestions for a day trip.

I would really appreciate it


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    When we went last time, we went to the Cairo museum, it is really more than a 1 day visit and you feel rushed the final day of the tour so if you went earlier then you can just make sure you see what you missed before on the final day .. We arranged Taxi/ Limo through the hotel consierge and he was still ready for us when we left the museum. No photography in the museum. The square on the back side of the museum should be avoided (site of demonstrations every Friday). EXPECT the driver to want to take you to his "cousin's" or "uncle's" shop on the way back for shopping. They will most likely offer a coke (refusing first then accepting is the polite thing to do). Pre-price items at the Hotel gift shop (which is not a dickering place like everything else) so you have a clue what things might be worth and then offer half of what you hope to end out paying. These private stores are much more pleasant to shop and look about than the roadside "shark feeding" that greets every bus of tourists and they take Visa- just check the conversion rate the shop keeper is using. The Citadel is also worth seeing and has a great view of the Pyriamids rising above Cairo high rise appartments.-
    We are going again in Dec, also cancelled in March.
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    thank you so much for your input, it is nice to have some one give you first hand information.
    We will be there two days early and will certainly go to the Museum, at our leisure.
    I know we will have a wonderful trip as always with Tauck
    Thank you once again.
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