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we are scheduled on the Egypt &Jordan tour for Oct 31.I would appreciate some guidance as to what clothes to bring.Are women allowed to wear capris? How dressy are the evenings? I realize that the temperature differential from day to night might be extreme.Has anyone been on this tour at this time of year? Help!

Also the carry on restrictions seem severe.How did you handle this.I don't believe that a carry on that is 14inches long,10 inches wide and 8 inches high exists! I call Tauck but they said that was the "rule".

I would appreciate any help you can offer.

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    Hi, I am on the same trip. I am taking capris, slacks, and 1 short. Capris should be fine except in cities where pants would be better. Did you go to the Tauck site and print out the Tour Details? For dressy evenings I am taking pant, tops and jackets. My carry on is just a very soft bag that is a little bigger but it can squish to any size. I am going in a day early so hope to see some extra sites in Cairo. See you there.
  • Re: the carry-on restrictions -- I too called Tauck to confirm! I suspect that the small size is due to the limited carry-on space for the charter flights. My plan is to use a somewhat bigger carry-on for the international flights -- but one that I can fold flat and put in my checked luggage once we reach Egypt. (My checked bag isn't usually full.) I finally settled on a day pack for the tour's two charter flights -- it will hold travel documents and everything I'll need for sightseeing once we hit the ground in Abu Simbel and Aqaba. Since the suitcases come off the charter plane and go stright on the bus, I'm hoping that nothing will go too far astray.
  • We just got home from this trip on Saturday. Capris are perfect for the ladies. Evenings weren't that dressy. A casual dress or two and a couple of pretty tops are fine. Pashminas were the in thing. We usually had about 1 1/2 - 2 hours after a tour to get ready for evening. So if you feel like dressing up, you do have time. Our tour wasn't full, so luggage and carry ons weren't an issue. Nonetheless, we had soft sided duffle bags that could fit overhead on the planes. I think it's more an issue of space the cargo bay on the buses for the big suitcases. You can leave carry ons in the bus safely. Many times we left the bus with just a bottle of water and a camera. It's a great tour.
  • With reference to the carry on luggage. I usually take a wheeled carry on the fits in the overhead compartments of the larger planes. This is in addition to the checked piece of luggage. Will this be allright to take?
  • Our "Joining Instructions" (the packet that included the final itinerary and luggage tags) said the carry-on could be no more than 15 pounds and size 14x10x8inches -- that's REALLY small. When I called Tauck, they said small variations were OK, but the total linear length total (length+width+depth) had to be the same, i.e. no more than 32 inches --regardless of what might be allowed on the international flights, those limits applied once the tour started.
  • I think a wheeled carry on might be pushing it unless you have a very small group, which you won't know until you get there.
  • For what it's worth, the LL Bean Christmas catalog includes an "Accessory Bag" for their Carryall and Sportsman's luggage. One is 10x13x8 inches; the other is 11x14x7 inches -- both would meet the size limitations for carryon on the Egypt/Jordan charter flights. I'm leaving in 2 days <grin> so it's a bit late for me -- my bags are almost packed!!
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