Egypt & Jordan September 2011

We have just returned from this tour and we cannot thank Tauck enough for the wonderful tour they provided. (We would also thank the thousands and thousands of tourists that stayed at home while our tour, toured Egypt almost on our own.) It has to be said that not once during the whole tour did anyone on our tour feel or see anything to give us the slightest concern. The locals themselves were the epitome of the perfect hosts. The most common greeting we received was "Welcome to Egypt" and this was offered by young and old alike.

As to Tauck's contributions, they were without peer. We feel qualified in saying this as this tour was our final tour of our 4 month trip from New Zealand. In that time we had 3 other organised tours plus the final tour with Tauck. Clearly the 2 private charter flights added to the overall cost so on balance we felt we received more bang for the buck with Tauck than the others. Everything that the glossies said, they delivered and no expense was spared.

Thank you Tauck and our specialist guides and in particular Matt our tour director. While it was beyond Matt's control we were all disappointed that Fed Ex did not get his string bikini to him as they had promised!!!!

The pick of the tour, after Matt - the river cruise, the staff, the food and the vessel were fantastic.

We will be happy to answer any questions but our advice is - Just do it!!!!

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