Best Walking Shoes in Israel

We are going on the Nov. 10 trip. The brochures emphasize having good walking shoes for the ancient streets and steps, which can be uneven and possibly slippery if wet. Does anyone have any suggestions about good shoes for traction that would be helpful? Also, did anyone take a collapsible walking stick?


  • We wore good walking sandals most of the time. Ryka and Nike Strap Runner sandals. Also wore Keen's Venice H2 which is a closed toe sandal type shoe for Petra and other sandy areas. They were perfect. The walking surfaces are not really that bad but there are a lot of steps. It seemed we were always going up and down stairs.
    One member of our group brought the collapsable walking sticks but he did not use them. In fact, I wound up using them in Petra because my back went out that AM!!!
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