Anybody on the January 16th Departure?

We are four jolly travelers really looking forward to the January 16th tour. Is anybody else traveling then?


  • We are 2 from Maryland
  • Great! We are really looking forward to this trip.
  • I'll be joining you January 16. I have been on previous Tauck tours and they are always a great experience.
  • Great! We have been watching the "Pyramid Code" and "Ancient Aliens" series on History Channel to get the fringe interpretations about how sophisticated the builders of the Sphinx, pyramids, obelisks, and other complex structures might have been. Fascinating!
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    We did this trip in 2010 and found it very interesting. And of course Tauck did its best as always.

    You may want to learn a little about Lawrence of Arabia, T. E. Lawrence, and how he and the Arab Forces captured Aqaba in what is now Jordan. (I think you have lunch in Aqaba, we didn't.) He was very active in the Wadi Rum area.

    Now the movie makes more sense to me - still can't get the music out of my head!
  • We are really excited by the prospect of seeing Egypt! Any last-minute advice? Has anybody taken in "the night to remember" at the belly dancing night club in the Mena House Oberoi? Is it recommended?
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