River Cruise from Amsterdam to Brussels

My husband and I are booked on the River Cruise from Amsterdam to Brussels including Floriade leaving April 1. Wondering if anyone has taken this and what their thoughts are. Sounds like a great trip. How are the Riverboats?


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    Tauck now has four river boats -- all beautiful. Hit on the video on this website or go to youtube.com and put in Tauck Riverboats.

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    To SOG

    We are booked on river cruise leaving Brussels to Amsterdam in April 7, 2013 at about the same time you traveled in 2011. We will be traveling in opposite direction than you. I was wondering if you have any insights to share. I am thinking about what weather is going to be like.
    I understand it will be raining and cold. I am hoping the tulips will be in bloom with the cold weather
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