Danube Water Levels- Question for Tauck Mods

I understand Germany has been experiencing a drought of sorts which is impacting both Danube and Rhine water levels and thus river cruises. We are traveling on the December 10 Westbound Danube cruise. Can you comment on the situation regarding Danube water leves and what "Plan B" is if water levels are too low at some or all points of the trip for the Swiss Jewel? Thanks!


  • Any Tauck folks out there that can respond to this? I have posted same question on Tacuk facebook and also emailed Tauck guest relations with no repsonse from anyone yet. On facebook Tauck Aaron addressed Rhine river levels but not Danube. Appreciate your repsonse- thanks!
  • Hi Polly,

    Why don't you call Tauck's 800 number and ask to talk to someone who will give you up-to-date info.

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    Polly, we too are on that cruise. I have been reading on cruise critic.com about the Viking cruises.. I have sent an email to Tauck, will let you know if I hear anything. Wish I could send them some of our rain!
  • Thanks Sheila- I have been home sick the last few days with a bad cold and cough so I was trying to see what I could find out electronically for now. But once the cruise that leaves a week ahead of ours lauches I will call Tauck's 800# and see how that one is doing. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Thanks BK- look forward to seeing you in Vienna! I did receive a response on Tauck's facebook page which I have posted below FYI:

    TAUCK wrote: "Hi Polly -

    The Danube and the Rhine are continuing to experience low water levels. Rain is in the forecast for later this week, however, and we are hoping to operate our Christmas market cruises as planned. That said, we are also ready and able to make modifications should the need arise. Exactly what form those arrangements might take is essentially a “game-day decision” that would be based on river conditions as they exist at the time of each cruise. Unfortunately, and given the changeable nature of the situation in Europe, that’s as specific as we can be at the moment. Thanks for your patience and understanding."

    Sooo.. I guess we have to wait and see what is in store for us and pray for rain!

  • Although it may not be what you hoped for on your cruise, I feel sure Tauck will take care of you. We had the opposite problem on our GCT tour last year when the Danube level was so high from melting snow that the boat couldn't go under the bridges. We were stuck in Passau for an extra night. To their credit, GCT took us by bus to and from Regensburg and gave each of us $20. for the lunch we ordinarily would have had on the boat. Although we were able to move the next day closer to Nuremburg, we still had to disembark early and go by bus to Nuremburg. Once again, we all had lunch in a lovely restaurant and spent the last night in a very nice, but not 5 star hotel. However, GCT doesn't always use the 5 star hotels that Tauck uses. When we returned home, we got a partial refund on our trip plus a discount on a future trip. I find it hard to believe that Tauck, who we dearly love, would do less than GCT. On our first Xmas Market tour on the Rhine in '08, although the weather was cold, we had no snow. On our '10 tour there was lots of snow, so you can't predict what you'll face. You just need to be prepared with the proper clothing for whatever!
  • Hi again Polly,

    Hope you feel better very soon. If you go to cruisecritic.com, there is a lot of posting about the Rhine and Danube Rivers. Go to "Boards" and scroll down to "River Cruises". It seems to be the only place where info is being posted about the current weather conditions by people who are ABOARD the ships right now!!!! I also believe that Tauck will give you the best experience they are able to do under these circumstances.

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    Hey there everyone,

    I'm going to bring up your questions up to Tauck's Guest Relations department!
    I'll edit this post once I've received an official response.

  • high or low water Tauck makes it work. We had a wonderful Dec 3 float to Vienna. The River and Canal are amazing, it was an privilege to be on the Danube.
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