Shared bathrooms & dining issues at the Xanterra owned lodges.....

I am interested in the Wonderland: Yellowstone in Winter trip, maybe not this coming January 2012, but within the next year or so. However, I have a couple of questions. I have visited the hotels/resorts that will be supplying the accommodations for this trip. The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel lists a category of rooms as having "shared bathrooms". Although I'm guessing that not many Tauck travelers would relish this arrangement, I want to know that my wife and I do not have to share a bathroom. Am I correct in assuming that "shared bathrooms" are not part of the experience??

Also, after visiting the Trip Advisor website, I read that travelers complained about the lack of restaurant options at the Yellowstone Park lodges, specifically Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Old Faithful Snow Lodge. The concerns list a lack of staff, limited food options including only one restuarant for dinner with no "casual" options available at dinner time. Also, there was a lack of seating until past 9:00 pm. How has Tauck dealt with this issue or how do they plan on dealing with this issue.

Many thanks for taking time to answer my questions.



  • Just returned, there are NO shared bathrooms for Tauck guests. The rooms are very acceptable. Don't worry about the meals. The food at the hotels was very good and plenty of options. Xanterra, which handles the park hotels and the food does an outstanding job. Don't worry about the eating times, there always was a block of times for dinner reserved for Tauck guests. Everyone dressed casual, I wore levis every night, no problem. Everyone was very casual, after all it is Yellowstone in the Winter. If people on trip adviser were complaining they were just that type of person, complain about everything. My only complaint is it didn't snow much. Only once and very little. The overall score in my opinion was a 10 on a 10 scale.
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