Summer 2012

We are taking the Swiss alps Bridges tour 7/29. Any tips from other families who have taken this trip?


  • We are also taking the Alpine tour 7/29. We have a 12 year old daughter coming with us. Do you have children? I read tips from travelers last year and they recommend layered clothing, like windbreakers, sweatshirts and said to bring an umbrella. Look forward to meeting you!
  • Hi,

    We are travelling with our 4 kids. Girls aged 16, 14 and 8 and our son who is 11. We live outside of Boston. We arrive a few days early and then will stay on for a bit after as well. My kids will be happy to hear that I heard from another family. We look forward to meeting you as well!
  • Is there a way to get the ages of all the kids on our tour? We have four kids (16,14,11 and 8). And there is another 12 year old girl. Are there more?
  • Hello Kbh,

    As of this posting there are a total of 19 children (7 Boys, 12 Girls) on this tour. Please not that this number can change at any point due to cancellations.

    Hope this helps,
  • Hi Emily,

    Wow! That is great to see. Thanks so much!
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