underwater camera/case

We are looking forward to great snorkeling but wonder if it worth the expense and additional weight of purchasing a waterproof case for our camera. Does anyone have any experience with something like this during the Galapagos Islands part of the trip?


  • Hi S. Tyler:

    I did this trip last June with my two daughters and sister and we had the most fantastic time - so you are in for a real treat!!!!

    I didn't notice anyone in our group taking underwater photos. Our wonderful naturalist, Dennis, took many underwater photos of not only the fish etc., but random underwater shots of us in the water snorkelling. At the end of the trip our Tour Director compiled a disk for us that had photos from the entire trip, as well as the underwater photos that Dennis had taken. So, I'm sure you will receive the same!?

  • I carried a small waterproof Canon Powershot D10 as both a backup camera and for underwater shots. There are several other camera makes available as well. The little thing did very well with colorful fish, couple of small sharks and rays.
  • Wallachi,
    Did you get a disc of photos from Tauck? I really want to make sure we get some scuba/underwater pictures, but I don't want to have to get a new camera just for that.
  • We got a great disc of pictures both of Peru and the Galapagos Islands. The naturalists always had an underwater camera on our snorkeling trips and took land pictures too. Our tour director did the Peru pictures.
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