Apparel for the Peru part of the trip

I was wondering what kind of shoes are desirable for the Peru part of the trip? It seems like lightweight hikers would be nice for Machu Picchu, but are they appropriate for the rest of the trip? We'll be going in early October and it seems like the weather will be warm. Did anyone bring sandals who has done this before? Also, did you need long pants for any particular activities or are capris and shorts acceptable for most/all things. Any time when "nice casual" clothes are desirable?


  • The only remotely "dressy" evening on this trip is your opening dinner in Lima - but slacks or nice capris work just fine. My husband did not bring a sport jacket by the way. I was glad to have my hiking shoes - wore them throughout the Peru part of the trip. Fortunately we had good weather but they are waterproof just in case. I wore shorts or capris the entire time in Peru, slacks for dinner at Machu Picchu but not dressy ones. We have a lot of the Columbia/North Face/REI type of clothing that work great for trips like this.
  • This is helpful. We'll bring the hikers and shorts/capris and maybe one pair of those REI type pants. Did you have opportunity to get things washed on Isabella or at one of the hotels?
  • That's the great thing about the REI/Columbia/North Face type of clothing - it's often a sun protectorant and dries quickly. We just did a rinse in the sink or shower (I used shampoo), blotted in a towel and hung the clothes on a hanger to dry. It's really more of a "freshening" than a real laundering.
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