binoculars needed?

My husband & I will be on the Jan. 13, 2014 tour. Are binoculars very useful? Want to pack lightly but we do have a lightweight pair of good binoculars. Hate to bring them if we don't use them much. Thanks!


  • I may not be "the norm" but we never travel without our lightweight binoculars. There is always something just out of normal sight and you'll miss it without binoculars. Here in Australia there are a host of things to see and no matter where you are the binoculars will come in handy. I'd bring them with me but then again there are two things I never leave at home when I travel - my binoculars and ............... my wife.

  • Definitely take the lightweight binoculars. We have traveled with a small, light pair for years and most recently took them mid-January on the Australia-New Zealand adventure.
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