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    Did this trip last summer with my daughter (10), and had a ball! Although I would have liked at least another day (or a longer day) in Yosemite National Park, I did feel like I got a good feel for the area and saw a lot (especially given that it's a bit of a drive from the Tenaya Lodge to get there). I would recommend coming in at least a day early to see more of San Francisco, because otherwise, if you hadn't been to the city, you would have missed many of the key sights.
    Was warmer in Yosemite than I expected - I expected a mountain climate, but it was HOT!
    Enjoyed the Tenaya Lodge the most, and our time there.
    Would be happy to answer any questions about the trip.
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    My grandson (9) and I will be taking this tour starting June 5th. What can we expect weather wise? We are going a day earlier to San Francisco, what should we absolutely not miss? Last summer, we took the Cowboy Adventure to Yellowstone and had a great time. Going with Tauck is an enjoyable way to see new places and have no problems with accomadations, food, luggage, etc. Anyone else going on this tour?
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    You'll have a ball!
    We arrived on Friday before the tour and really enjoyed going to Alcatraz and a Chinatown tour and dinner. You might have time to see Chinatown a little on the free afternoon you have, but it would be challenging to squeeze in Alcatraz.
    If you decide to do Alcatraz, you can buy tickets on-line in advance - that worked well for us, allowing us to get on the tour that fit best with our schedule.
    Our Tauck tourguide handed out a great list of kid-friendly activities and restaurants. You may want to see if you can get that in advance, as we may not have received that until the first night's welcome dinner.
    We were there in mid-July and it was quite cool in San Francisco and somewhat cool in Monterey, but not nearly as cool as SF. We had to buy an extra hoodie, and they were selling hats & mittens on the streets. I would bring a warmish jacket and a hat (maybe mittens too) - it's especially cool on the boat on the water on the afternoon bay tour. Yosemite, on the other hand was much hotter than I expected - it was in the 90s that day. The kids wore bathing suits under their shorts, then played in the stream after our morning tour of the park. Definitely bring bathing suits - my daughter swam at every hotel except in Monterey, due to lack of time) and it was a popular kid activity.

    Would be happy to answer any other questions - sorry this response took awhile!
  • Marcy,

    Thank you so much for your response. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    We will arrive in SF on Thursday and I have several things planned, but I will inquire about
    the list of activities for kids.

    Happy Trails...
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