Attire for Tower of London Dinner

We are taking the England, Scotland, Wales tour in Sept. I see there is a special Tower of London dinner. What attire is acceptable for that evening? We would prefer to not bring along suit/tie/sport jacket, dress/skirt, if at all possible. Thanks!


  • We took the same trip in May. The place was freezing as England had a real cold spell during our trip with average temps in the low 40's. Personally, I see no need to bring a sport coat or formal wear. Because of the cold weather that evening, must were quite casual. The dinner was only marginal and I would suggest you do your own tour of the Tower as the dinner was not really a tour but more of a history lesson. Still a good experience.

    I did bring a sport jacket and my wife a dinner dress but we only wore the items at the welcome first night dinner and about 1/2 of the folks wore what they call Resort Attire. All the folks on the trip dressed casual both on the day trips as well as the evening meal. I wore blue jeans for the day trips and Levi Dockers for the evening and I fit right in with the rest of the folks. Next trip, we will not be bringing any formal or semi-formal wear.

    What I do suggest is a warm jacket or hooded sweatshirt and an umbrella.

    This was our first trip with Tauck experience and it was just great. Great fellow travelers, excellent hotels and meals.
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    Thanks so much for your response to my inquiry. We are very much resort/casual attire and our preference is always such. We had mulled over bringing something more semi-formal, but will now opt to leave those behind. We took the Bellisima Italy trip last year and it was a pleasant surprise to see how many people left their semi-formal attire at home, as we did. After years of wearing suits to work, before we retired, casual now works for us far better!

    Regardless of where we travel, we always take along hooded sweatshirts and umbrellas. With weather so unpredictable, you just never know if or when you'll need them.
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