tour director

We took this tour on June 7, 2013. We had a marvelous time; partly because of the great tour director, Denise.
Several problems arose during out trip, but she did an excellent job of handling them/
Not only did she really KNOW the material for the area, she delivered it with a smile on her face which kept us all on an even keel
My husband and I have taken 26 tours, and I can safely say Denise was the best tour director we have ever encountered. Dolly and Bill


  • Hello Dolly and Bill,

    Thank you for the great feedback! I will be sure to let Denise and her manager know.

  • Hi Dolly,

    I've had the pleasure of Denise's company a couple of times in various parts of the States, too. Definitely Treasure material! Plus, she delivered a very detailed, and useful, dissertation on How to Eat a lobster. With great enjoyment, of course, but only after you have got at the beastie! Yum!


  • I, too, have been on two of Denise's tours (Cape Cod and New England Fall Foliage) and she was a delightful TD. A very knowledgable and helpful lady. I heartily concur with the above comments. I have been on 15 Tauck tours to date with two more coming up this year (French Escapade in August, Chicago Event in October), and I have found all of my Tauck TDs to be outstanding in every way.


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