Canadian rockies and glacier

We are booked on the sept. 1st trip to glacier and the canadian rockies, what is the weather like then?


  • We took this trip on 9-2 last year. Weather can be quite chilly in September. The Jammer ride along the Going to the Sun road started out very cold and windy but then turned sunny and much warmer. As always, layers are important, especially in mountain country. Enjoy the trip, it is spectacular.
  • Hello Lpf,

    The summer weather in the Canadian Rockies can change instantly and is often unpredictable as in any mountainous region, with temperatures ranging from 50s-80s F. Whether traveling in this area by motorcoach or exploring the mountains by foot, one can expect to encounter any type of weather, from rain and snow to dry warm sunshine. Therefore, we suggest including some light warm weather clothing in your travel wardrobe and to dress in layers. Conditions are often very local and may vary from one valley to the next, or change during the course of the day. We suggest that prior to departure you check the weather forecast on the Internet for up-to-date predictions.

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