Anyone going on the Sept 18 departure date?

Hoping to make contact with other people going on the Sept 18, 2013 tour. Also hoping the weather will be okay at that time of year -- has anyone else gone at that time in a prior year? Thanks:).


  • Yes.... My wife and I will be on the same tour. Rob and Judy from Tucson, Arizona. We were in Eastern Europe in late September/early October last year and the weather was perfect. It might be cool (high 50's-low 60's) but it should be pleasant. Looking forward to meeting you.
  • Hi Rob and Judy:). We are Nancy and Marty from New York City. Thanks for the encouraging weather forecast, and looking forward to meeting you also.
  • Hall and Olivia Evans will be on that trip along with our friends, a couple with whom we traveled to Spain two years ago. Had a wonderful time.
    Looking forward to meeting you also!
  • Barb and John from St Louis joining Hall and Olivia from California for our third tour together...great friends. You meet the nicest people on Tauck tours and looking forward to meeting more nice people. What an adventure we're going to have! Visas arrived this week. Yeah! One less thing on the to do list.
  • My sister (Barbara) and I (Elaine)will be on the September 18th trip. She resides in Boston; I live in San Francisco. We've been taking 1-2 Tauck trips each year since 2007; it's been a great way to see each other and explore the world. We will be arriving a day early in Vilnius and appreciate this forum; I've taken notes on things to do which Tauck might not cover in Vilnius
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