Sea Sickness

I was told by a friend that the during the Drake Passage crossing, even the boat's Captain took Sea Sickness medication. Is that true? How bad is the sea sickness during this trip? Does any one know?


  • If you read all of the experiences you get a full spectrum of experiences from "Drake Lake" which is what it is called when it is very calm to notoriously rough at times. So it is best to be prepared. I hear just about everyone on board the ship uses the patch Transderm Scōp (Scopolamine 1.0 mg.) which is by prescription, partly because some people are allergic to it. I have never tried it but have had good results with Bonine Tablets (Meclizine HCI 25 mg.) which are over-the-counter and last one day. Bonine is usually considered better than Dramamine (dimenhydrinate) due to less drowsiness and longer lasting effect. The pills take about an hour to take effect so you take them before sailing. The patch takes 3 to 4 hour to take effect but last 3 days. Perfect for the Drake Passage.
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