New Google Galapagos Resource

For those who might be interested in seeing some of Galapogos using Google's "Street View" technique, they recently posted a number of 360 camera views on both land and under water to their Google Map View site. They have also posted a new YouTube video describing their project in cooperation with the Charles Darwin Foundation. Check out the link below:!explore?vm=1&ll=-0.836899,-89.408863&z=11


  • Great link. Thanks so much for posting. We leave in 2 weeks and I cannot wait to go!
  • Thanks. Lynne and I will travel to Galapagos in Feb 2014 and we came across this site while doing prep for our trip. If you have a Kindle or another reader, you might also enjoy downloading Darwin's account of his visit. Amazon offers the Voyage of the Beagle which contains a chapter on Galapagos. One request - please post here after your trip with any observations / lessons learned after your trip. Viaje Seguro!
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