Battery charger for my daughter~

Hi, my daughter is planning a trip in November and I want to buy a
power bank for her as it can keeps us in contact. However, I didn't
use any power bank before, do you guys have any ideas?
My daughter is using sumsung S3.


  • This is a really thoughtful idea and I'm sure your daughter will appreciate the gift. As far as charging devices like a cell phone there are several things to consider including both voltage and outlet configuration. Check the Samsung charger - it will probably work for either 110 or 220 and will detect and charge automatically. Depending on where your daughter is staying, they may provide 110 and US configured two prong outlets. To be sure, check out her destination via a search engine like Google. When I travel I bring a 220 volt power strip with universal configured insert plugs instead of a converter. Simpler and lighter plus many devices can be charged at once - check Amazon. Finally, and again depending on where she travels, she may need an international plan from her cell carrier. If her destination provides access to WIFI, that's another solution I've found works well to keep in touch via Skype or FaceTalk. Good luck.
  • Bill C has some good information for you. Another choice is a multi-port USB charger, only because it is smaller. Cell phones and tablets do not need converters - they all work with either 110v-220v-240v. Plug adapter for the country she is in goes into the wall, multiport/multiplug goes into the adapter, and her device(s) in next.
    More important for her is to make sure her phone works in the country she is going to, and then getting an appropriate international calling package. Her phone company's tech support can give her directions on the changes she needs to make so she doesn't pay massive roaming charges.
  • I think that the original question was about a PowerBank for the phone, a rechargeable battery/case that extends the battery usage. I haven't used the Power Bank brand, but I have used several others and have been very satisfied. You would want to get one for your daughter's specific phone that is comparatively light in weight and that has a high mAh rating. Different battery/cases are available at online sites such as Amazon. Look at the specifications and read the online reviews.
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