Status of Oct 5 tour with Natl Parks closed


I inquired about the status of our Canyonlands trip. Below is the text of the written response I received from Tauck Customer Service.

"Thank you for your email. I am sorry for the delay in responding but I do have an update. We plan to operate all of our US tours. Tauck’s Operations Team is working to ensure an alternate plan will be available for those tour’s visiting the National Parks. Tauck will make every effort to provide an experience close as possible to the original scheduled program. We would provide alternate accommodations and sightseeing would be secured outside the park. Again, we do plan to operate all of our departures."

I am very glad I purchased trip insurance!


  • Why would anyone want to go on this trip if you are not going into the national parks ?

  • My sentiments exactly.

    For those who did not by the travel insurance, there is a $900 pp cancellation fee.

    I have taken several Tauck tours over the years, and I am disappointed that this caliber of tour company would try to substitute a substandard vacation experience.
  • I have insurance and I'm still going. While I hope our trip to Yosemite and Sequoia will be as scheduled, if it doesn't, I've been on many Tauck trips and none have been substandard and I don't expect this one will be - in fact, I bet Tauck pulls out all the stops. There are so many wonderful places to see in this country that aren't limited to the National Parks.
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