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  • I'd love to hear from someone who has already completed the Heart of Italy tour. Anyone out there?
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    Hello, we are looking forward to this trip. It was re-scheduled after a family emergency. Any clothing suggestions for mid October?

    Thanks, can't wait to get to Italy!

  • Hi jps197,

    I just got back from A Week In... Rome, Umbria, and Tuscany, and while I can't speak about Venice, temperatures could fluctuate quite a bit. During the day in Rome, it got pretty hot, around 85 °F / 30 °C, but in Florence and Perugia, things were a bit cooler, and were averaging around 73 °F / 23 °C. I'd advise you to bring a mix of short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, and I think you'll mostly be alright with long pants, as by mid October, things should have cooled off somewhat.
    Also, Europe tends to be more formal than many places, and Italy in particular is fashion conscious, so I advise you to bring sufficient dress clothes and perhaps a jacket for men. Think business casual or resort casual, and you'll probably be fine.
    Just a reminder: most churches have an expectation that those entering have their shoulders, arms, and legs covered; essentially, no shorts above the knees, and no sleeveless shirts. For women, if you wear a sleeveless shirt or dress that day, simply bring a shawl with you that you can wrap around your shoulders, and you'll be completely fine.

    I hope your family is doing better, and I hope you have a wonderful time in Italy! :)

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