cell phones

Could anyone who has done the Canyonlands trip tell me how the cell phone service was in the National Parks. We found that last year at Yosemite the cell phone swervice didnot work well. Thanks.


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    It obviously depends on your service provider. I used T-Mobile last year on the Canyonlands tour and had very spotty coverage, while people who had Verizon fared much better. Not sure about AT&T folks. Usually there is a cell tower near the Park Lodges that gives some access, but while touring throughout the parks themselves, there remains little or no access for most mobile carriers.
  • Just back from Canyonlands tour which was fabulous, but cell phone service was spotty at best in the National Parks and my carrier is Verizon - was able to call out in Zion, but call was dropped and a voicemail I left on someone's cell was reported to have every other word fading out.
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