December 16, 2013 trip

Interested in who else may be on this trip. We are arriving on the 13th and wondering if anyone is interested in taking the day or overnight trip to Ha Long Bay. I have contacted a tour company that takes care of all the details. All we have to do is show up and pay. This tour company was highly recommended by a past Tauck traveler who did this trip.


  • This is a great way to spend time together. The places are very nice to enjoy with family or friends. I like to join it.
  • Here is the contact for taking the excursion to Ha Long Bay. It is a minimum of a full day (10 to 12 hours) so you would have to be arriving a day or two before the welcome dinner. We are taking the trip on the 15th.
    Address your email to Phuong
    [email protected]
  • We are not arriving until 9:50PM on the 15th. Do you think this excursion would be too much for the 16th and leave enough time to arrive back for dinner. Also, how much do they charge for the private tour? Thanks. Jim
  • Interested in who else may be on this trip. We are arriving on the 13th and wondering if anyone is interested in taking the day or overnight trip to Ha Long Bay. I have contacted a tour company that takes care of all the details. All we have to do is show up and pay. This tour company was highly recommended by a past Tauck traveler who did this trip.
    We are on the 10/28/13 tour. How do I find out about this day trip?
  • the web address for the private tour company is on my May 6th posting.

    As to arriving on the 15th and doing the trip on the 16th--not a good idea if you wish to make the welcome dinner. We do not expect to return to our hotel (on the 15th) until at least 8 PM, possibly even later.
  • Francesca: Are you making it a day trip on the 15th or are you staying over night in Ha Long Bay? We changed our arrival to the 14th of December. We would like to go on this trip as it sounds really interesting. Also, are you doing pre-nights at the Sofitel or are you staying elsewhere. Thanks. Jim Matthews
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    Hello Jim,

    We are just going for the day. I expect we will be leaving around 8 AM and returning about 8 PM on the 15th.
    The young lady, Phuong, from the travel agency we are using for the excursion to the bay, will give you choices if you want to choose other than a day trip. I believe you may be able to stay overnight as the departure from the bay on the overnights is around 11 AM the next day. I think the bay is a must see for Vietnam.

    We are staying at the Conifer Boutique Hotel as recommended by a previous Tauck traveler. It is directly across the street from the Sofitel. I spoke with a Tauck rep and she said they will pick us up at the airport, drop us off at the Sofited and we can walk across the street.
    Look forward to meeting you.

  • As of yesterday, there are now 6 of us traveling to the bay on the 15th. Should be a great day. We arrive on the 13th. Anyone else getting in that nite?
  • Hi Francesca,
    Thank you for sharing your information. We are 2 couples traveling together arriving on the evening of Dec. 13 from New York / Connecticut. We are planning to do the overnight trip to Ha Long Bay leaving the morning of Dec. 15 returning mid afternoon Dec. 16. We are going through Trails of Indochina. We are staying at the Sofitel upon arrival for the nights prior to the beginning of the Tauck trip. We are curious to know why you decided to stay at the Conifer Boutique Hotel and not the Sofitel. Where are you flying from? We are flying on JAL thru Tokyo leaving JFK on Dec. 12. We hear that this is an amazing trip and we are looking forward to a wonderful time. One last question...Tauck is picking you up at the airport even though you are arriving early? We did not think that this was something they did...thanks for that bit of information.
  • Hello Dee,
    I spent a lovely 12 years living in Fairfield, Ct and most of my life before that in New York. Now living in Norfolk, VA. We leave Dec 12 via Atlanta to Seoul to Hanoi. Do you arrive late in the evening? Our flight gets us in at 9:40 PM. Delta Airlines
    We chose to stay at the Conifer because of the very positive posting of a past Tauck traveler. The cost for our three night stay is about the cost for a one night stay at the Sofitel. More savings-more shopping!
    We have traveled with Tauck many times and they have always picked us up at the airport regardless of the hotel or arrival date. I see things are changing though since we will have to walk across the street for this one! Last year our Normandy, Brittany trip with them started in Versailles, but we arrived a week early to stay in Paris. They did pick us up and take us to our privately booked hotel there. Perhaps because we usually do two trips back to back with them, this courtesy is extended. They are a great company to travel with. So many nice extras. We are traveling to Burma after the Vietnam trip, so sorry that Tauck does not have this trip yet.
    My daughter is as I write this in HaLong Bay. She is also doing the overnight trip and when I receive her feedback I may change ours to overnight as well.
    Very excited about this trip too!
  • Hi Francesca,
    It is great to have this diaglogue going. We arrive at 10:10pm December 13 on JAL (New York to Tokyo / Tokyo to Hanoi). We are booked on the overnight trip on Halong Bay for the night of December 15 on "The Jasmine". The company we went through was highly recommended, but doing my research, they all do pretty much the same thing and use the same boats. HaLong Bay looks like a "not to be missed" addition. Surprised it was not included on the Tauck trip. We get picked up the morning of December 15 and return mid afternoon December 16.

    My husband and I are travelling with another couple. We both live in Weston, Connecticut and part time in Manhattan. Our roots are also New York. Small world that you were in Fairfield.
    I will be interested to hear what your daughter says since she is preempting our trip. My son was just in Burma a few months ago and said it was spectacular, so you are in store for an extended treat. That will be our trip for next year!
    If there is anything else that you know of that we should plan ahead for please pass on the information.
  • Francesca: We decided to stay at the Conifer for December 14th and 15th too. It's proximity to the Sofitel makes it a good choice. We are certainly looking forward to Ha Long Bay and the day we have planned. And certainly, we look forward to meeting you and your husband in person. Jim and Teresa
    PS: We too are former New Yorkers now living just outside of Charlotte.
  • Hi Jim and Theresa,

    When do you arrive? We get in on the 13 th around 10 PM. Look forward to meeting you.
    Francesca& David
  • Francesca and David: We get in a day later on the 14th. We are scheduled for Ha Long Bay on the 15th.
    Have you been following the developments in Thailand? It is a little disconcerting. Jim and Teresa
  • Hi Jim & Teresa,

    We did the Israel ,Jordan trip back to back with the Egypt trip in Nov of 2011. Had our concerns there too, but we were never in danger. The Tauck reps had been doing those trip for ages, had many local contacts and kept on top of everything without making any of us nervous. I don't think Tauck would put us in danger. I am going to register today with the state dept though.
    See you in two weeks!
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