Dressing for Dinner for the Ladies

For ladies, can you give some more guidance on dressing for dinner. I think the term used was "casually elegant." Is that kind of LBD (little black dress)? Would some of the glitzy metallic pants, tops, and jackets in the Chico's catalog do it? I'm trying to decide if I should buy a couple more outfits before my departure date of 8/27. Thanks for your help.


  • Dressing for dinner on L'Austral needn't be formal. Chico's clothes are great - they dress up or down and pack well. Don't overpack. The welcome dinner in Venice was in a private room and was the usual mix where most men and women dressed resort casual. The Captain's cocktail party on the second night on the ship was formal attire for the crew. Many guests chose to dress up more than usual, but it is not necessary - that would be the night for the LBD. Don't over pack for evenings. A nice dress, black or white slacks and a few dressier tops/ and or jackets that can be dressed up with jewelry and scarves is all you need. Mix and match and wear things more than once.
    Dining on the upper deck is definitely more casual. Have fun!
  • Susan, was hoping you could share your experiences on this trip. am thinking of doing this trip next year.
  • Hi dmas28,

    We have taken 18 Tauck tours and the Venice and Dalmation Coast was one of our favorite tours. If you don't hear from Susan, you can check the short reviews on their website on the page which lists all the info on the tour or post on Tauck's Facebook page.

  • Hi again dmas28,

    Just checked the website for Venice and Dalmation Coast and there are 19 reviews posted there.

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