Hot Springs?

•A pair of tennis shoes you won't mind getting wet for the possible hot-springs dip at Deception Island. Beach sandals are not sufficient and should not be used for this possible swim.

In reading the "Preparing to Go" section it mentions a possible trip to a hot spring. Has anyone done this? It suggests a pair of tennis shoes to wear in it. Will water shoes be good for this? I figured water shoes are made to get wet and will dry faster. They are closed toes and slip ons. I am not sure I want to bring yet another pair of shoes, but I think I want to keep our sneakers dry for other walking around.


  • I went to Deception Island in February 2001 and used and old pair of sneakers. As Antarctica is the driest continent, they dried out overnight.

    I don't know why water shoes wouldn't work. I think when they mention beach sandals they are talking about "flip flops".
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