Any information on Israel and Jordan trip greatly appreciated!

This is also my husband and my first trip with Tauck. We area very excited to go next month on the 7th Sep. I'm trying to find out bout the dress code? Can he wear knee length shorts and can I wear capris? I made notes on free time if there is, and some places we can eat. I think this forum stuff pretty good.. You can learn alot by what people have to say. We're looking forward to this wonderful vacation. Glad you all had a fantastic time. Thanks.. If you you have any info that you think is important, please send it: [email protected]


  • The trip is wonderful. We were there in April. Dress is casual--however, men do not generally wear shorts. They tend to dress a bit more conservatively in the Middle East. Capris are fine for you. Some places shorts are okay for men, but the majority of places, they should wear long pants.
  • It might be that men didn't wear shorts in April because it wasn't quite summer yet. On our trip in May there were several men who wore shorts just about every day. Our tour director let us know the day before if shorts would not be appropriate for the following day's sightseeing.
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    Thank you for the information on the dress code.. It really was helpful. I remember when we went Egypt (w/different company), our guide told us that when we were together as a group, shorts (men) and capris (me) were fine, but, when we would be alone shorts. I usually would wear long cotton flowing type skirts and a top with a shawl to hide my arms.

    By the way Judy05, I sent you a request on any info that you said you had at the email you provided. Here is my email if you still have it. We leave in 2 1/2 weeks, so, anything will help. Thank you again for the info..
    [email protected]

  • I emailed it to you yesterday. I'll send it again now! Please lmk if you don't get it.
  • We also went in May and many of the men wore shorts both with the group and when on their own. Women mostly wore capris or long pants.
    Bring a hat and good walking shoes. We wore good walking sandals...both open and closed toe types. Bring a shawl or pashmina. Very useful when shoulders need to be covered.
    I emailed you some info also.
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