Video that covers a part of New Cuba Tour

I went on the Tauck tour in June 2011 and back to Cuba in Feb 2013 with a competitor travel company on their People to People tour. Below is the link to the video of that trip which covers the first two hotels of Tauck's new 2015 tour. Also show is much of what will be visited in Havana and the activities on Days 5 & 6 in the wonderful towns of Santa Clara and Remedios.

Cuba is a marvelous safe country with friendly and happy people. I look forward to revisiting the country again in 2015.


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    I think a trip to Cuba would be interesting. However, the itineraries I see for all the tour companies, including Tauck, seem very controlled and limited as to what you see and where you go. I may be wrong, but I looked pretty hard at them. I see that people get to see the music and arts, but I want to see more. I see, and read evaluations, that the people are friendly and nice, but it seems there are a limited number of people that the tours interact with. It is still Fidel's Cuba, even though El Presidente is not officially running the place, and I hate giving money to keep the people under the government's thumb. It would sure be interesting to visit there if I had the freedom to see what I want.

    I can't even bring cigars home.
  • I appreciate your reply, but unfortunately you are wrong in many ways.

    The purpose of travel in my mind is to experience other cultures and discover how people live in that culture. People to People tours provide this opportunity better than most trips I take. You will meet many more Cubans than just your room maid and servers. Every Cuban person you see in the video, I interacted with even if the interaction is not shown in the video. The people I talked with spanned lots of different economic sectors from pedicab drivers to baseball players. I mostly communicated with them through our wonderful Cuban guide who spoke Spanish which I do not speak at all. I was not ever limited in who I could speak with or where I went or what I did by any one. I was only limited by my lack of Spanish and the absence of the guide who was selfishly assisting other guests when I needed her.

    I bet if you took a tour to Cuba, you would have a whole new attitude towards the country or maybe not. No country in the world including even North Korea has such polarized positive and negative views by Americans. Until you visit, the average person is unable to distinguish the "propaganda" from the reality.
  • You can only distinguish "propaganda" from "reality" if you are allowed to see the "reality."
  • Thank you for posting your interesting video. I, too, am anticipating a trip to Cuba in 2015. Can you give me an idea about the differences between Tauck and A&K; I am not asking for your preference, necessarily, but how differently the tours are run. I thank you for your response.
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