Travel ; Italian Lakes ,Venice,Florence,&Rome--10/08/11-10/17/11

Who is going on the Italian Lakes,Venice,Florence & Rome trip; October 8.


  • My husband and I will be on the October 8th tour. Is there anyone who has been on this trip that would share their experience with us?
  • You will love this trip! Took my first Tauck tour last month (Italian Lakes etc.) and had a wonderful time. Everything was handled so well. The hotels were beautiful, (the air conditioning worked! not a big deal in October but in July it was critical,) the tour bus was comfortable and clean, our tour guide was so nice and very knowledgeable. We always had extra information given to us before arriving at a destination about where things were, what we might like to see, a map of the city,etc. The local guides were very informative and interesting to listen to. Really good balance between planned excursions and free time to pursue your own interests. Hotel breakfasts were uniformly astonishing--everything from fruit and cereal and yogurt to omelettes, all kinds of meat and cheese and did I mention the pastries? Local people were very friendly. Have a great time on your trip.
  • Thank you JMOR for your reply and your helpful information - this is our first Tauck tour also and have only heard good things. Yes, air conditioning in July is a bigger deal than in October :) I would think that we'll have a few climate changes as the trip progresses from the lakes region and Venice where it will be cooler to Florence where it will be a bit warmer to Rome where it could be in the 70's at that time of the year, especially since Italy has had a very warm summer. In any case we'll prepare for all- we are looking forward to the trip. Thank you again - Ciao!
  • We are going on this trip beginning Oct. 4th. We we're informed that our after hours tours have been cancelled. Did that happen to you Ell? Any suggestions JMOR for eateries on the nights we're on our own?
  • Hi purplehaze, my husband and I are going on the Oct. 8 trip. We have not been notified of any changes in in the after hours tours at this time.Have a great trip!
  • Hello purplehaze - No, we haven't heard that our after hours tour has been cancelled. If you Google Rome there should be a sight that will give you tourist information, and your tour guide will most likely have suggestions for you also.
    Have a great trip! Ell
  • Thanks Kayh and Ell. They have issued us a credit for canceling. We will get to go but during normal business hours. Will also get first entrance. Was looking forward to the private setting but I'm sure it will still be good. Looking forward to the trip. Hope you all have fun
  • Il Suo benvenuto e gode l'Italia! Your welcome and enjoy Italy!
  • We are going on the Oct 4th trip and will be staying 2 extra days in Rome. We are from the New York Area. we have been on several Tauck tour and are looking forward to this one. Not too upset about the private vatican tour being canceled-we will probably see what we want to anyway.
  • This is a great trip. Too bad though about the after hours tour being cancelled, but you will enjoy it! If Chris Pezzi is your Tauck Director, tell her "hello" from Judy & Len Fudge. She is great! Never gets flustered and always so calm. Enjoy and have fun!
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