Italian Lakes, Venice, Florence,Rome


  • My wife and I and several friends will be going on Oct. 4. We were disappointed that the private Vatican tour was cancelled. We will be arriving on Oct. 3, and were wondering if anyone had restaurant suggestions in Lugano.
  • Hi everyone. Me and my wife and 3 other couples will be going on the Oct. 4th trip. Will be arriving on the 3rd. We too were disappointed that the private tours were cancelled. It seems the tour beginning the 8th had better luck than us. Theirs wasn't cancelled. Should still be fun and looking forward to it. We're from SC, how about you?
  • We are from California, and always go a day early when we go east - 18 hours minimum travel time.
  • Where did you hear about the private tours being cancelled? We are going on the 10/9 A Week in Venice Florence & Rome and haven't heard anything.

    Anyone have any idea of the weather? The forecasts I look at vary widely. For the same time and place some sites say 50s (F) and others 70s (F).
  • Italy is a beautiful place and these three place (Venice, Rome and Florence) is just as beautiful as their country. October is just a perfect time to visit. You'll gonna enjoy it here. I'm gonna visit this three places October next year, how I wish it will be as soon as this year but got alot of things scheduled in. Hope to see you guys there.
  • Has anyone made any plans for a summer tour this coming summer, in particular June 2013? We are definitely going on the June 22nd trip. Interested to see if anyone else is planning a trip Summer of 2013?

  • Anyone know why this tour is not listed for 2014??
  • Hi scoopdave,

    Are you referring our website? If you are, it is because the tour dates for 2014 are not out yet.

    Hope this helps,
  • Emily,that is great news

    We are doing the Canadian Maritimes tour June 30, our first with Tauck, we did a Viking River Cruise on FREYA last year from Budapest to Amsterdam, and quite frankly loved the luxury of it all, hence why we selected Tauck this year

    The Milan- Rome tour looks fabulous, fits our criteria, thinking of some pre trip options in Switzerland to go back to memories from Zurich/ Lucerne from a trip in 1971
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