First trip to Israel & Jordan

Does anyone have suggestions for cell phone rentals that can be used in both Israel and Jordan? I have called Amigo and they only rent in Israel and Travelcell has a separate phone for each country. I need to stay in touch with my family in the states and wonder what is the best way to do this.


  • Have you contacted your cell phone provider? Serveral people in our group were able to use their own cell phones in Israel after having made arrangements with their regular provider.
  • A few yers ago I purchased a global phone from ekit. 1-888-513-8804. I have been very pleased with it. Not expensive to purchase, pre-pay and then you can add $ from the phone itself if you run out of $. I believe they have a few plans and several different ways you can receive calls--the caller pays or you do--this involves 2 separate phone numbers. Just ask lots of questions. Hope this helps. Francesca
  • After sending you the number for the global phone I thought I should call them to be sure the phone will work in Israel/Jordan and Egypt. Not only does it , but there are better plans now which make the call about half of what is was. owns ekit so look at their site for a variety of options or call them 888-513-8804 ( same number). I just purchased the Passport sim card package to replace the the Global Premium Service I had. Good luck Francesca
  • Hi Gail - my husband and I found out about MOBAL.Com world phones from another tour blog. We just purchased their phone as it is good in most countries around the world. Check out their web page and see their offers. Which Israel Jordan tour are you on? We are on the tour that starts on November 10.
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