L'Austral & Le Soleal Ponant's ship

I wonder if someone might give me your thoughts about these Ponant ships which make the northward and southward in-land passage to Alaska. How is the food and other amenities


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    See Cruising Down Under Forum(2015) and traveler reviews for L'Austral comments. Ugly
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    Yes, Bob, the referenced Cruise Critic review was "ugly". As for the gist of the review, I'm sure it made the poster feel better, which was probably the point. In posting and signposting.

    Interestingly, most people here on the Tauck Forum who have taken a Ponant ship as part of a Tauck trip seem to have more positive comments about their trips. I know there are many people who are heavy duty "cruisers" and ergo, are experts. Strangely, they don't seem to be experts on the actual journey, itinerary or the sights and sounds along the way. Perhaps the journey just ... gets in the way. Some people collect cruise departures, and ships. Notches, not life journeys. Different strokes for different folks. Whatever works for them.

    To tireddoc, if you look through the Tauck, small ship cruising part of this site, you will see the wide variety of departures, and ships, where Tauck combine with Ponant. They cover the North & South Atlantic, Mediterranean, Baltic Sea, Tasman Sea & the Pacific. You can source reviews from the individual journey pages and also via the geographically arranged forums here. I think you will find more positive stories than not.

    Now, this journey is stunning, taking you to some of the most extraordinary parts of the United States. (And Canada, too, if you take the train trip up the pass to the Canadian border. But you can only look. You can't touch!) Anything ugly certainly won't be an "official" part of this trip. I took the trip a few years ago when Tauck were using Cruise West (when they were still alive). I was really pleased to see the new version of the Inside Passage trip. It is a simply wonderful trip.


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    We were on Le Soleal last year on Tauck's Treasures of Southeast Asia. The trip and the ship were "treasures"!

    Of course, a ship that has a max capacity of 256 is not going to have all of the amenities of a "mega" ship, but I will take the smaller ship any day. The ship's crew, facilities and food were excellent.

    Although mostly focused on the sights of Southeast Asia, some insight into Le Soleal can be found in the daily blog I posted at . . .

    And yes, I was able to post the blog from the ship using the excellent (and free for Tauck guests) Internet service.


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