Sailing on Isabella

I would like to sail to Galapagos in March or April 2012. My wife is concerned about rough seas and possible seasickness. Has anyone experience such problems on this adventure?


  • I did this cruise a few years ago, when it was just the Galapagos, in and out of Guayaquil. It was absolutely wonderful. I don't consider myself a good sailor, so I took every remedy I could think of. I was concerned about the trips out into unsheltered waters, where we did indeed encounter some swells. However, I amazed myself. The ship's movement lulled me to sleep at night, although getting from the bathroom to the bed was a giggling adventure and I happily blamed the excellent wine served at dinner for that! I travelled in November. I don't know if this would have a bearing on the weather, but honestly, it was fine. I really didn't have any bother at all and I took home all the seasick stuff I'd brought with me. I don't thin anyone else on the boat was affected, either.

    For peace of mind, I'd still take all the remedies again. Just because. It's like washing your car and it raining the next day. But remember, there's a doctor on board if things really do go pear-shaped. Like when your but misses the zodiac and you end up in the drink ... in 2 inches of water ...(adding hastily!) Go. You will have the most stunning time.
  • We did this wonderful tour during the end of March two years ago. We had no trouble with seasickness at all. If you will note the map in the trip description, travel among the various islands is realtively sheltered. As I recall, the longest trips were done during the night, and at that point, one is so exhausted from all of the daily activities, the ship movement rocks you to sleep!
    This is a wonderful time to go as we got to see all of the animals and birds we hoped to see except the waved albatross which arrives sometime in April. The marine life, animals and birds are just incredible and seem to have no fear of man. So many times the birds seemed to perform as if on cue (think dancing Blue-Footed Boobies and Frigatebirds with their bright red puffed up chests shrieking and fluttering as a female flies by...).
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