Walking in the National Parks

Hi, fellow travellers. I am thinking to jon the Canyonlands tour, but am worry about the walkings in the National Parks. My husband has some problem with his knees and so I am very concerned. Will the walkiing be harsh and take long hours? Will he need to take walking stick to help on rough grounds? Also, how about the bus ride? Would it be long bus ride, say 4 - 5 hours on a single ride? Your advices and suggestions are much appreciated.


  • Esther, I did the Canyonlands tour this past summer and have posted alot of info. on the travel forum. The walking is strictly up to you and your pace. You really don't have to walk much at all if you would rather see the beauty of the parks from outside the hotels etc. I have some knee issues and did some walking but at my own pace. You don't need walking sticks. Just a good pair of sneakers or whatever shoes you are comfortable in for the trip. It is a wonderful trip. Check out the Canyonlands web site for more info. regarding this trip. Any other questions I will be happy to answer.
  • Hello! If you are considering the Canyonlands tour, please don't be afraid of the walking!! I took this tour in September and it was WONDERFUL! It exceeded my expectations. I sometimes have difficulty walking due to an old injury so I had some concerns as well, but I managed fine. The amount of walking is strictly up to you -- whether it's alot or a little. If you find you do not want to do a lot of walking, you will not feel as if you are missing out.
    The coach ride was always enjoyable. The scenery was breathtaking and our guide did a fabulous job of explaning things along the way. The time passed very quickly.
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