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I am on the Jan 6 trip but would like to know the info on booking a side trip to Halong Bay. Could you please give me this info? Thank you


  • Teachercz wrote:
    I am on the Jan 6 trip but would like to know the info on booking a side trip to Halong Bay. Could you please give me this info? Thank you

    You can arrange a private tour of Halong Bay with the Hotel Concierge, Tour Operator or your own travel agent. I booked my tour with my travel agent since I am solo, arriving 2 days before beginning of Tauck tour and wanted a secure up-scale presentation. I will be picked up at the hotel, driven to Halong Bay (approximately 2 hour drive through beautiful scenic country side, as I understand), then four hour private boat tour including lunch onboard, all with English speaking guide. Return to hotel by car. I cannot give you name of tour operator since my travel agent did the booking. Cost for single: approx. 268.00 US, 2 people: 144.00 US each and so on. Additional people up to four a lot less. I hope I was of help. Have a wonderful trip. Sheila

  • skyridr2u wrote:
    Arriving in Hanoi on January 14th, 2012 Early reservation at hotel before joining tour. I am booking a private tour on January 15 to Halong Bay with private car, guide and 4 hour boat tour. This area is not on the Tauck itinerary. Anyone interested in joining me? I am a single...Sheila Francis

    Hi Sheila,

    My wife and I are also on the Jan 16th Tauck tour and are arriving in Hanoi on Jan 14th (2 days early). We are interested in the Halong Bay tour. The thavel books say the ride from Hanoi to Halong Hay takes 4 hours ? Is there room in the private car for 3 people ? What time will the tour leave the Hotel ?

    Gene & Barbara Todd
  • The drive to Halong Bay is 3.5 hours EACH way. That makes it at least 7 hours in the car for a day trip---providing the traffic is moving.
  • I did this trip with Tauck in March of this year and traveled as a single. I arranged a day in Halong Bay before leaving the States; the driver picked me up at the hotel around 8:00 a.m. The trip is 3 1/2 to 4 hours each way (depends on traffic) and in the morning the driver stopped at a private house for a coffee/rest break. I don't remember a break on the way back - I think he was eager to get back ASAP. The drive was interesting - a nice way to see the rural area around Hanoi. Very nice town car in excellent condition and the driver was polite and spoke excellent English. I had a "junk" boat to myself (overkill to say the least) and the staff cooked me a lovely seafood lunch. A very long day, but worth it - the Bay is spectacular.
  • Thanks for your thoughts on private tour of Halong Bay.
  • I forgot to mention: be sure that your driver has verified (before you leave in the morning) that the junks are sailing that day. If there is heavy fog or bad weather the boats do not go out. I did not have any problem but talked to a couple later in the week who drove all the way out, found out the boats were not sailing, and had to turn around and drive back. They were very disappointed to say the least.

    It can be chilly in the morning then warm up so be sure to dress in layers.
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