Portugal Spain Event

We just put deposit down on Portugal Spain event on May 15, 2016. Three questions:
1). Anyone else booked on this trip?
2). Any events/dinners that will require dressy attire- dress/heels or suit for the gentlemen?
3). Will luggage be handled for us checking in/out of hotels, onto buses, trains?


  • Hello Patricia, I assume you mean the two week tour of Spain and Portugal, not a Tauck Event, because I am not convinced there is a Tauck "Event" to that destination, but please correct me if I am wrong, I notice there is a Spain Portugal tour that begins on May 15th. I assume you are a Tauck novice or you would know that once you meet your Tauck representative at the airport, you should never have to struggle with your bags again until you get back to the airport for your return home. And that is great, all tips already paid for baggage handling too.
    Here are a few hints to help you around the Tauck website where you can find more information than you think at first sight.
    Go to the Tour page for your destination, check that you are looking at the itinerary for this year in case the 2017 one is already there as well. Click on the tour dates, find your date, if that date is still colored white, then there are not many booked on your trip yet, if it is yellow/beige, then it is probably over half booked, if it is pink, it is sold out. The chances of many people who are on your specific tour replying on this forum are relatively low, most people are unaware of it's existence or are not interested in the forum. the best thing to do is to wait until a couple of weeks before your tour and then call Tauck to find out the latest numbers, the nearer the tour date, the more accurate as people cancel or make fresh bookings.
    Read the daily itinerary carefully and you will see that you actually have several dinners where you are on your own, so you can chose formal or informal venues and dress accordingly. If a specific included venue is very formal one night, then Tauck usually makes a special note of it and you dress accordingly. Otherwise go to the "Before you Go" section of the tour and look for the part that says What to Pack. To be honest, many of these comments Tauck give tend to be quite generic, but it does talk about Spain and Europe being more formal. We went to Spain, Madrid for four days last year, first time we had been to Spain in many years. we ate in the hotel for three nights because it was a long way from the center, we were at a conference, the restaurant was formal with a great menu, we found we were by far the most formally dressed, there were locals there, they were very casual. I feel you will be Ok if you go middle of the road with dress, in fact, when you get to places like Marbella which are very touristy and will probably have the generic British people getting drunk and clubbing, they may well be very scantily dressed.
    I just had to re read your questions because I thought you meant your hubby might wear high heels! Seriously, I'd love to do this tour in the future, we have friends who want to do it so we will fix a date in the next couple of years. Please post a review when you get back to help us out!
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