May 2012 trip Israel and Jordan

My husband and I are planning to go on the May trip to Israel and Jordan. We've been on several Tauck Tours before so know what to expect. My question is Do you feel you really got to experience Israel and Jordan not just see it? My only complaints about Tauck tours in the past are that too much time is spent on lunch instead of on the sites themselves.


  • We "saw" and "experienced" a lot. Of course there is SOOOO very much to see and do there that you could spend many months there and not experience everything.
    I certainly didn't feel like there was a lot of time spent on lunch, in fact some of them were rushed. There is also time in the late afternoons that is free and you can walk around and experience the atmosphere, etc.
    We went to Tel Aviv two days early so we had plenty of time to explore on our own.
    I would have liked more time in Jordan, but our flights just didn't work out that way.
    The reason we decided to take this tour with Tauck (besides the fact we have traveled with them before and loved them) was their itinerary covered more sites than other tours we saw.
  • I have to agree with Schmerl. How much can you really epect to experience in 10 days? It was a fabulous introduction. We also went several days early so that we could explore Tel Aviv on our own. I do highly recommend doing this as there is only so much time and so much to see. If one wishes to experience more--than much more time is needed--this could be done once you have gotten the feel and go back for more. Could not have asked for a better trip
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