Taking gifts to Cuba

A post from 2013 suggested taking small gifts to Cuba for the people that we encounter along the way. Suggestions were soaps, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, even vintage spark plugs and guitar strings.

Is this still a good recommendation, and if so, what other items might be appropriate?


  • We're leaving this Sunday for the tour. My wife and I bicycled Cuba about 10 years ago. We stayed in peoples homes and beach cabana's. What stood out for me was the need for everyday items that we take for granted. Toothbrushes were worn down to the nubs. Not sure how much it has changed but when we came home the last time we had very little in our suitcases. We left everything we could behind even our bicycles. Don't know when you're going but I post an update when I return.
  • I read on another forum that decks of playing cards from your home city was a welcomed gift. I am bringing Philadelphia Phillies card decks.
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