Concerts and Theater in Nice

We will be arriving in Nice one day prior to the Provence - Paris Tour and are looking for concerts and theater events to attend on Saturday evening April 14 and Sunday matinees April 15. I have checked the major opera houses and concert halls in Nice and Monte Carlo and all seem to be dark on Saturday and Sunday. This is hard to believe. I am hoping I am missing something here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • Also arriving in two days prior to the start of tour (April 13th), would appreciate anyone responding with ideas/suggestions? Looking forward to meeting everyone; this is our 3rd Tauck tour.
  • Hello Bonjour, my wife and I will be traveling from Boston and are still looking for events to attend also would enjoy a Sunday service in one of the cathedrals with full chorus and organ. Look forward to meeting you, this is our second Tauck tour.
  • Hello FPF, perhaps my husband and I can meet with you earlier and attend something together? If so, when you arrive perhaps ask the Tauck tour guide to leave a message for us? We are trying to find some things to do as we arrive two days earlier. Do you speak French? We are trying to brush up on our French which we learned many years ago in school.
  • Hello Bonjour,

    We look forward to meeting. We will be arriving at the hotel Saturday around 2:00p.m. My wife and I will attempt to contact you upon our arrival thru the Tauck rep. Sorry we can't help with the french.
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