Cuba: A Cultural Odyssey - Jan. 8 departure

Who else is going? I just finished filling out our visa applications and am getting excited! This will be our second trip. We went to Havana and the Vinales Valley in January 2013, and can't wait to go back and see the rest of the island. My husband and I are from Menlo Park, California.

For anyone going for the first time, you'll need to bring cash for your spending money; American credit cards don't work there yet. Try to bring euros or Canadian dollars, if you can, to avoid the 10% surcharge imposed on US currency.


  • Hello Calkat,

    I am going on the Dec. 2016 trip to Cuba. Do you have any suggestions besides the ones by Tauck listed on the FAQ? since you have been there before.
    I have been on Tauck's riverboat trip in France. You stated exchanging Euros works better than dollars to avoid the surcharge still? Thanks for any info.
  • Emily, the suggestions from Tauck are excellent. Yes, take Euros if you have them; otherwise don't worry about it. You'll just pay the 10% surcharge on dollars. Pack any over the counter meds and toiletry items you might possibly need--can't get them there. Internet will be very spotty. Take lots of pictures and have a great trip!
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