Travelling solo on "week in Spain"

I am a female travelling by myself and wonder if any special tips for me re language etc.


  • Hi Helen,

    I always try to learn "please" and "thank you" in the language of the place. That would be Spanish, for you, I guess. Apart from being practical and courteous, it can mark you out as considerate and not one of those travellers who we have all seen and heard and really, would rather we hadn't. If you have time, try to expand your linguistic repertoire. If you have a knack for languages, the skill will be invaluable ... despite Tauck taking care of all the practicalities. Even if you don't have the knack, at least you have tried and that point will go in your favour. And soooo useful ... if only for reading street signs! That in itself is a real confidence booster for a single traveler, regardless of gender, because it's always important to be aware of your surroundings.


  • Hi Helen,

    In addition to the please and thank you suggestion by Jan, I'd advise memorizing (or if you're like me, jotting down on a slip of paper you keep in your pocket) a small vocabulary — hello, goodbye, good morning, good evening, etc. as well basic numbers (1-20 in most Romance languages is likely sufficient), how to ask for the check in a restaurant, ask how much something costs, and ask (in Spanish in your case) if they speak English. Basic conversational things that made me feel much more comfortable navigating around Italy when I was there a few years ago.

    I hope this helps!
  • ...and don't forget, "Where's the toilet?"
  • MCD wrote:
    ...and don't forget, "Where's the toilet?"
    Strangely, I can still remember that in Swahili. :)
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    Hi I am a female going on the October 1 to 8 trip to a week in Spain. is anyone else going solo?My name is Maureen and I am from Montreal Canada
  • And do not forget your smile, too. Smiling and being polite, are the most important (in my opinion) in all languages, and all countries. It makes people talk to you and being willing to explain anything you ask.
  • I will be on the Oct 22 tour as a solo traveler. Anyone on that trip ?

  • you will love the week in spain! i did it last summer!!!
  • Don't forget to get a map. You can get it for free. Ask your travel agency about it. Or you can use your mobile too and download a map.
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