NorthBound Trip 5/28 - 6/9


I've been reading about Le Boreal and various postings about dress. Coming from the US where things are more casual we have no plans for a suit or tie for dinner. Our choice when dinning out is usually nice jeans with a sport coat. Living in Florida the sport coat is really only in the winter. Curious to hear how other people plan to dress?

Looking forward to the trip.


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    I was on L'austral, the sister ship last fall in Croatia & will be on your trip 5/12 ( Boreal)
    I would dress like you suggest... Blazer & dress slacks/Jeans ..
    or nice shirt & slacks...

    I wore a blazer & Casual slacks..or very nice dress/dark
    jean style pants... nothing faded, worn or ripped... or a nice shirt & slacks ...

    If you look nice... nobody will say anything... & if you do not, they still won't
    say anything... Have a great trip !!
  • Thanks for the info. Have a nice trip!
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    We ended up bringing a sport coat on our trip and were glad we did. The weather was a little cool and it helped to stay warm. There were two nights on the ship when people dressed up. The Captain's welcome and farewell dinners. Most guys had on a sport coat. Some even wore ties but we did not. We wore nice jeans with the sport coat and did not feel out of place. Women had either a dress or nice top and pants. On the ship there are two restaurants. If you do not want to dress for the Captain's dinners you can go to the buffet and don't need to dress for that. Bottom line is I would bring a sport coat and have your wife bring one nice outfit to wear. Even if you don't want to dress on the boat when you are on the land part of the trip there may be a restaurant that you want to go to that might require a little more dressy attire.
  • When traveling with a group tour such as Tauck you do not need a personal Visa. Tauck has a group Visa. You will need to go through Customs each time you leave\enter the boat. The first time is a little slow. Just smile at the Russian Immigration Officer and say spa-see-ba (Thank you). Tauck will tell you if you plan on doing any touring on your own you'll need to get a Visa. With that said we did have about 3 hours 'on our own' in St. Petersburg to walk around. I think if you wanted to spend the day on your own Tauck will tell you to get a Visa. I don't recommend that as Tauck does a great job taking you to the highlights. We had early entrance to the Hermitage Museum and a private tour. Once the Museum opens you are glad you traveled with Tauck.

    Not sure if you are doing the exact trip we did but if you are in Copenhagen and are a fan of wine I would recommend Restaurant Radio. It's pricey but one of the latest 'farm to market' restaurants in Copenhagen. They only have a three course dinner or five course dinner, with or without wine. I did the five course with wine and enjoyed it. My partner did without wine. I would suggest a reservation and it's not dressy at all. No sport coat required. We did have to take a cab.
    You can make a reservation ahead of time as it is a popular restaurant. The website is There is an option for English but it can be a little difficult to navigate. There is an option to make a reservation and some of it is a guess as to what they are asking but it worked for us.

    Another restaurant I would recommend is in Stockholm. It is called Fem Sma Hus (Five houses). It's in the old part of the city (about a 10 minute walk from our hotel. very safe). It's five old house that have been turned into a restaurant. We ate in a part of the cellar. Not dressy but we did have a sport coat as it was a cool night. We were able to get a res the day we arrived but other members of the tour could not. If interested you might want to book ahead.

    Have fun.
  • Thanks mbtrip and sorry for the delay in responding. There was an IT issue that would not let me back into the Forum. You will see a new UserID for the message.

    Very excited about this trip. It will be a 180 from this year's month in Africa being on Safari most of the time. Vacations have to be mixed or you lose the excitement :)
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