Getting excited about our June 3 tour!

Anyone else scheduled for the June 3 tour?? Looking forward to our first trip to France. Have been on two other Tauck Tours and loved every minute.


  • A group of us from a previous Tauck Italian Lakes tour are having a reunion on this tour. So far, there are six of us. We have never been to France, so we are so looking forward to this. This will be our 6th Tauck tour.
  • Looking forward to our first trip to France, beginning June 3rd, in Nice. We've done the Italian Lakes tour, which was fantastic. This will be our 4th Tauck tour. Anyone planning a side trip to Versailles, when we get to Paris?
  • Forgot to mention to be sure you pick up latest edition of Bon Apetit magazine..there's a large section on where to eat in Paris!!!
  • We took this tour several years ago and really enjoyed it. We stayed over an extra day to do Versailles. The hotel concierge arranged a driver with van to take us to Versailles. The lines are very very long. The driver took us to the front of the line, bought the tickets and ear pieces for us and returned about four hours later to take us back to the hotel. When we were there many years ago, we took the train and did it all ourselves. This was so much better since summer is a very busy tourist season for France.

    Have a good time. Bring a lot of Euros with you! We used our credit card for everything we could since we don't pay the 3% tax most credit card companies charge for conversion.

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