First Tauck Adventure

I will be traveling solo on the August 4, "Cape Cod, The Islands and Newport" trip. Can anyone offer tried and true packing advice/information? I am trying very hard to pack smarter and lighter! Any other comments, advice or recommendations for this trip will certainly be appreciated.


  • Hi 2Suz,

    I'm the last person to give packing light advice! I'm still a total failure, after all these years. My only excuse is that since I travel alone, I can't shift all those things ... you just might need in a foreign country like your own brain-surgery kit ... to a husband's case! But I can tell you that you will really enjoy this trip, especially if you like lobster! Mmm mm, heaven! I was there last July, so I suspect it will still be hot when you go in August. Make sure you have a hat. The sun can be fierce, and we all need to protect our school-girl complexions. You might need to think about light, long-sleeved over shirts to protect your arms, too. You probably don't need trainers/walking shoes if you have some comfy flats/sandals.

    I'm not sure I can pick a highlight... just one ...can't do it! Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Bedford Whaling Museum, Cape Cod, Provincetown, and then there's Newport. Check out the real estate, and I don't just mean the Golden Age cottages! Provincetown is a real hoot! It reminds me of San Francisco in lots of ways. But I think The Breakers in Newport does it for me. I kept hoping to see Robert Redford, at the upstairs loggia, looking out over the water, just for me. Sigh.

    Have a great time,


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