Rose Bowl ticket costs

For planning purposes, how much are the Rose Bowl tickets? Do we purchase through Tauck? When and on what yard line? Is transportation to/from the stadium provided?


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    If you view the pricing and availability tab for the event, you will see that the Rose Bowl tickets are "reserved seats" at $495 ea., purchased through Tauck as an optional add on to the event. You will also see that the event is sold out for 2019 (I suspect it was sold out many months ago). So if you want to do this for 2020, I would call Tauck now and inquire. They may be able to put book you subject to final pricing. If not, they may be able to give you a rough idea of when you can book. The Tauck events have limited space and book very early, as a rule. I'm sure they provide transportation to the game.

    The responses in these forums are from Tauck travelers. If you have specific questions about a tour (like where the seats for the game are), your best bet is to contact Tauck. Since seat locations probably vary from year to year, you are unlikely to get a specific answer here.
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